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This Weeks Lessons

  • The Lord's Supper (Steve Klein)

    How can we improve our worship when it comes to the Lord?s supper? Many have inserted novel or carnal practices into the way they partake of the Supper in an effort to make it more meaningful to themselves. THE KEY to improving worship here is to focus hearts and minds on what the Lord told us to do and why. (1 Corinthians 11:23-34). We must remember what we are supposed to remember!
  • Tell The Good News (Steve Klein)

    Christians have good news and we must tell it. When we share Scripture, we share Jesus. If we are His disciples, we tell others about Him. Inviting others to take a Bible correspondence course is one easy method of telling the good news.
  • A Study of Heaven: Class # 4 (Steve Klein)

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A collection of material that could be used in the classroom on a variety of topics. The collection of material ranges from textual studies of books to topical studies of First Principles.

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A series of thought provoking slides designed to be used at the begining of Worship services to center peoples minds on the God we worship.

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About Us

There is coming a day, which no man knows, when we will all be judged according to God's Word (John 12:44-50; Matthew 7:13-27 and II Timothy 2:15). We strive to worship God according to the pattern, which has been set forth in the New Testament. Read More »